Mercer Health Weight Management Support Group

The Mercer Health Weight Management Center offers a bi-monthly support group on the second Monday of each odd month.

Two sessions are held.  The 6:00pm group is for those that are preparing for weight loss surgery and wtn to learn more, those that have had weight loss surgery and would like support from other patients, and for those that are considering weight lsos surgery.  These sessions are appropriate for all types of weight oss surgery.  A 7:00pm session is held for those that have participated in any of the non-surgical weight loss programs at Mercer Health, including but not limited to, medical weight loss, Rev It Up, or IBT, as well as for community members interested in additinoal support to maitain a healthy weight.

Team members from the Weight Management Center will be present to help answer any questions, provide any needed support, and discuss a variety of topics.

Thes Support Group sessions provides patients with an informal social setting in which they have the opportunity to:

  • Share experiences and answer each other’s questions.
  • Provide a safe and comfortable environment to share concerns and problems.
  • Attend educational and social programs geared toward weight loss and weight loss surgery.
  • Maintain long-term interaction with the multidisciplinary support team.
  • Benefit from ongoing motivation and inspiration.  

For a list of upcoming topics and dates, contact the Weight Management Center at 419-678-8446.