Baby Massage Class
Our certified infant massage instructors are trained in teaching techniques on infant massage.  Infant massage helps babies sleep better and helps to relieve colic, gas, and constipation. It also soothes baby and helps to reduce baby's crying.   Register Online »

Family Stay Program
Our Family Stay Program is unique in this area. This is available to parents whose baby remains hospitalized after the mother is discharged. This program allows the parents to remain in a room at the Birthing Center so that they can be with the child the entire time. Mercer Health Birthing Center provides meals, a bed and a shower at a low cost. This program also allows for a newborn baby to remain in the Birthing Center.

NOTE: This is subject to room availability.

Postpartum Follow Up Program
Within a few days after discharge, both mom & baby are invited and encouraged to return to the Birthing Center for a complete nursing assessment. The Postpartum Follow Up Program includes a physical examination along with a review of mom and baby care. This session also provides answers to questions mothers typically have about their new baby, including breastfeeding. Each session is held on a personal, one-on-one basis. No other program in this area offers a more thorough follow up.