May 24 2017

The Volunteer Association of Mercer Health donated a total of 16,763.5 hours in 2016.  An annual appreciation banquet was held on Monday, May 22nd to recognize the efforts of all of the volunteers and to award several individuals with milestones, including:

  • Most Hours this Year (743 hours) – Ollie Wendel
  • Most Hours to Date (4613.75 hours) – Dorothy Bruns
  • Other Milestones Reached in 2016
    • 4,000 Hours – Mary Clapp and Dolores Schmitz
    • 3,000 Hours – Julie Spoltman
    • 2,000 Hours – Elmer Eyink
    • 1,000 Hours – Rosemary Boomhower, Tom Liette, Diana Schulze and Linda Thieman
    • 500 Hours – Hilda Alig, Carol Bellman, Mary Langenkamp, Ginny Remaklus, Jim Rentz, Ken Rosengarten, Vern Schulze, Pat Sommer and Nita Sudhoff
    • 250 Hours – Joann Billerman, Ben Broering, Rose Fullenkamp, Connie Howe, Linda Hoying, Randy Hoying, Chris Knapke, Bernice Koesters, Kathy Moeder, Carol Wehrkamp and Donna Woeste

“There is a volunteer serving 365 days a year at Mercer Health.  Some days there are more than 20 volunteers serving.  We thank the volunteers for sharing their time and talents with the community.” Jane Stammen, Director of Volunteer Services at Mercer Health shared at the banquet.

For more information about the Volunteer Association of Mercer Health, contact Jane Stammen at 419-678-5132.